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You are the best!

By D C Vu

We are very happy with the end results delivered by RKG for the full roof replacement, the fence staining, gutter replacement and the window’s screens replacement after the damages from a bad hail storm in May.

Andrew from RKG was very professional and very helpful through out the contracting process. For example, helping us to negotiate and worked with our insurance for a better agreement, keeping us well informed of all the works’ schedules and deliveries, etc. He monitored the works of different working crews during the works in progress and provided the final QA inspections once each of the replacement tasks completed.

It’s a kind of great satisfaction and happy feeling for us at the end of the projects provided by RKG Roofing & Construction and we’d not hesitate to recommend their professional services to other family members & friends. Thank you RKG and Andrew. You are the best!

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